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The Best Bad Dragon Alternatives

Enter a World of Fantasy Dildos

Mr Hankeys Dragon Texture

Best Overall


Mr. Hankey’s specializes in large fantasy dildos with intricate, detailed textures. Like Bad Dragon, you can customize your Hankey’s dildo to fit your needs – Choose your size, color, base, and silicone softness! Custom orders are usually made the very next day which is a speed that’s hard for most other companies to beat.

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Are you looking for Bad Dragon alternatives to meet your fantasy sex toy needs? One that lives up to high quality standards, timely delivery, and hits your price point? 

You don’t have to fork out hundreds of dollars or wait weeks-to-months for your dildo to arrive. From Tentacles to Dragon dildos to Mermaids, there are a whole world of alternatives that await you.

As you crawl deeper into the portal of fantasy sex toys, you’ll find an alternative universe of companies experimenting with dildo shape, texture, color, and style! Dragon dildos are just the tip of the iceberg.

Tunnel Entrance

Best Bad Dragon Alternatives

Here’s a quick rundown of our favorite Bad Dragon dildo alternatives before we get deeper in and also explore some of their individual products.

Mr. Hankey's Toys

Mr Hankeys Logo

Our Favorite Overall

  • Huge sizes

  • Great customization

  • FAST delivery - even on customized orders

Ben and Tom

Mr Hankeys Logo

Cheapest Dragon Dildo

  • The best high quality dragon dildo at the lowest cost

  • Typically about $25

  • No customization other than two color options


Uberrime Logo
  • Pre-made (but hand-made): fast delivery

  • Great dual-density selection

  • Gorgeous colors

  • Phallic-shaped options with fantasy textures

Geeky Sex Toys

Geeky Sex Toys Logo
  • Pre-made toys from popular series

  • Flat shipping rate to anywhere in the world

  • Exact silicone softness listed for each toy


Tantus Logo
  • Affordable alternative

  • Great entry point into fantasy toy world

  • Many penis-shaped, average-size toys with unique fantasy textures

Lust Arts

Lust Arts Logo
  • Incredible level of customization

  • Affordable customization for smaller  sizes

  • Choose softness of both layers of dual-density toys

  • Beautiful color palette 

The Bad Dragon Brand and the “Bad Dragon Alternative” Market

Simply stated: Bad Dragon sells fantasy sex toys. From dildos to masturbators to general adult accessories, Bad Dragon specializes in sex toys based on fantastic creaturers. Bad Dragon’s dildos are famous for their creativity, colorfulness, and customizability.

Award-winning, quality, creativity, customizability… sounds great, right? So why is there a growing market interest in Bad Dragon Alternatives? The alternative dragon dildo market is mostly driven by two factors: 1) affordability and 2) delivery speed. 

  1. Affordability 

For those on a budget, Bad Dragon dildos might be out of your price range. Bad Dragon’s base price (the “mini” size and single-density firmness) averages around $55. And with every added feature (such as size, firmness, and accessory) there are additional fees… meaning average orders for a Bad Dragon dildo are well over $100. For new users or budget-conscious users, other brand’s dragon dildos may be more attractive than Bad Dragon.

And ya – you’re not alone looking for cheap bad dragon alternatives.

Reddit Quality Comment
  1. Delivery Speed

As the leading fantasy dildo company, Bad Dragon recieves a lot of orders. As a small company, it can be tough to keep up with the demand of all their customers! A ton of people want the intense sizes and textures of a dragon dildo!

Fortunately, there are other lesser known companies who make top-quality fantasy dildos. They don’t have quite as large of a queue as Bad Dragon (at least, not yet!) and can get their dragon dildos into your hands faster. 

Bad Dragon states that “custom orders will be manufactured and shipped out within 5-6 weeks of when your order is placed.” Ya, that’s long enough to kill my vibe a bit. Some users even cite waiting up to five months to receive their Bad Dragon dildo.

Justin Gif

Plus, Bad Dragon disables their option for custom dildos when they get too busy.

Maybe you’re purchasing a dragon dildo for your partner’s birthday or you’re simply impatient to start having fun with your new toy—whatever the reason your order is time sensitive—you might not want to run the risk of waiting months until your new Bad Dragon dildo arrives. Enter the alternatives!


If you have a large budget and aren’t in a hurry, give Bad Dragon dildos a try! After all, they are leading the fantasy dildo industry for a reason. But, if you are on a budget or in a hurry to receive your new dragon dildo, there are a variety of excellent alternatives to Bad Dragon dildos.

You don’t have to settle for “outrageously expensive” or six weeks of wait time. Many companies have joined Bad Dragon in the market for fantasy sex toys to offer high quality, customized dragon dildos too! 

Things to Consider


First things first—do you have a particular fantasy you are dreaming of? Dragons dildos? Mermaids? Tentacles? Pokemon?

Lust Arts Mermaid

If you have a particular model you wish to recreate, you’ll want to find a company that specializes in your fantasy or does custom orders. The breadth of fantasy dildos you encounter might surprise you! It’s definitely not just dragon dildos anymore. There are a whole bunch of alternatives!

Why Try a Fantasy Dildo

If you’re like me and had mostly used realistic dildos your whole life you may be wondering why Bad Dragon ever got so big? Who are all these people buying dragon dildos? Well after entering the world of fantasy dildos – I totally get the appeal of a dragon dildo.

Fantasy dildos offer all sorts of varied, intense, and innovative sensational features that realistic dildos just can’t. Craving intense vaginal or anal stimulation? Fantasy dildos can have protruding veins, jagged edges, round suckers, spikes, tumbling waves, divots, and more—much different than the stimulation from a smooth dildo modeled after a human penis.

A tentacle dildo ends in a sharper point, which can provide more pointed pressure on the cervix, G-spot, or P-spot. Or the pronounced veins and sharp spikes of a dragon dildo can provide more intense and varied texture than a realistic dildo. Just look at how different the texture is all the way around this dragon dildo from Mr. Hankey’s.

Mr Hankeys Dragon Texture

Many dragon dildos come larger than realistic dildos—and you can go waaay extreme if you want. A large dragon dildo can provide far greater fullness than the traditional dildo. 

Also a lot of people simply have a mental block about riding a toy that looks a whole lot like a human penis – and yet is not attached to a human. If that’s you dragon dildos may be a great option!

Still more dildo options: You may want to search for a toy with a cum tube (a long hollow tube running through the center of the toy) that lubricates the toy or simulates an ejaculation. Or, you may want a dragon dildo that can be attached to a suction cup, a harness/strap-on, or a sex machine—depending on your intentions of partnered or solo play.

Pre-Made Designs/Customizability

If you want to receive your sex toy as quickly as possible, explore companies with pre-made dildo designs (or buy from Mr. Hankeys who can get customized orders out fast). These dildos will make it into your hands faster than a custom order because they’re already made.

These pre-made alternatives are the result of endless hours experimenting with color, shape, design, and fantasies. After listening to customer feedback, the final product is one they know a ton of people enjoy! And they have truly beautiful colors and unique features like this pre-made Uberrime dildo with swirling ridges and marbled tones. Dragon dildos aren’t the only toys with gorgeous colors and textures.

Uberrime Helios

But if you want control over every feature of your toy, fantasy dildo creators have you covered! Most of these companies will give you the option to order a pre-made toy in its set size and color or customize the toy’s color, size, and texture. Some sex toy creators like Lust Arts even let you select the firmness of each layer of silicone! But customizing dildos usually comes with increased prices and wait times. 


Dragon dildos tend to run large! Be aware of 5” girths or 13” lengths! Even if you typically prefer length and girth in your dildos, you may want to consider ordering a medium or even a small size in a fantasy dildo. But if you want to try a dragon dildo the size of a human torso you can do it!

Mr Hankeys Seahorse Size

And if you do go for a large sex toy, try a softer silicone than you would normally use! 

Silicone isn’t cheap either. As your dragon dildo gets larger, the price tag will go up quite a bit. If you’re excited to try the unique textures a dragon dildo can offer and size isn’t too important to you – sticking with an average size will keep some money in your pocket.


Since fantasy dildos are often large with crazy textures – you may need some softness to make the ride more comfortable. Many dragon dildo creators will let you customize the silicone density to your exact preference. Check out Mr. Hankey’s video on their firmness levels:

If you’re trying a very large dragon dildo, try a softer silicone – seriously! Your body will thank you. Fantasy creators that make pre-made dildos will usually say exactly what shore hardness each toy is – so you can choose one that’s got the right squish or firmness for you.  Take a look at this graphic which shows the softness of some common materials. For instance a gummy bear is Shore 00-10. 

Shore Hardness Scale

Alternatives Reviews

Mr. Hankey’s Toys – Best Alternatives for Size Queens and Kings

Mr Hankeys specializes in BIG. Even their smallest size dildos are large for most people! Just their Xtra-Small is average sized. If you love Bad Dragon dildos for the size of their sex toys, Mr. Hankey’s offers the best alternatives.

Hankeys Sampler

Size doesn’t stop their dildos from being comfortable. People love their soft and squishy material—making even the largest dildos pleasant. 

When you order from Mr Hankey’s, you get to choose your size, color, base style, and your silicone’s softness. Pre-made dildos are either 75%-Soft or Medium-Firm (It’s not entirely obvious – 75% soft is the softer one). Many users opt for 75%-Soft option. The firmer option can be a bit too unforgiving with such a large dragon dildo. You can also customize your toy even firmer or softer at an additional cost. To do this you’ve got to add custom firmness as an additional item to your cart. It’s a little strange, but it gets the job done.

Mr Hankeys Custom Firmness

Add a hole for a Vac-U-Hole to your dragon dildo to fix it to a suction cup or a sex machine. Mr. Hankey’s also lets you know what size O-ring you’ll need for your dildo if you want to use a strap-on. They also sell large O-rings that are compatible with their huge sizes.

Mr Hankey’s has great customer service. From communication to timely delivery, Mr Hankey’s staff proves to be a friendly bunch!

Even a customized dragon dildo order is typically made the next day, and shipped the day after that! That is really fast for a toy that has to be manufactured to your exact wants. For customized sex toys, it’s hard to beat the delivery speed of Mr. Hankey’s.

Though Mr Hankey’s offers positive customer service and timely delivery, it’s not the most affordable dragon dildo alternative. Their base-price actually begins more expensive than Bad Dragon dildos. (Not to mention the added fees associated with increased sizes and customization.

But if you’re looking for a fantasy dildo that will last forever—and maybe most importantly, you love an exceptionally big dildo—you should give Mr Hankey’s toys a try. Mr. Hankey’s provides the best bad dragon alternatives for those who love the large size and customization of Bad Dragon dildos, but want their toy now! And if you’re in the market for a truly enormously stretching dildo – check our our Mr. Hankey’s Goliath Dildo review.


  • Option to customize size, color, silicone-firmness, and base style 
  • Fast delivery even on customized orders
  • Exceptionally large!
  • Good customer service—friendly and accommodating staff
  • Great for texture lovers 
  • Xtra-Small sizes available in each type of fantasy dildo 


  • Expensive—more pricey than Bad Dragon dildos!
  • Might require a warm-up, due to their large size

Xtra Small Series

Just starting out? Try slaying a small dragon dildo first. Mr Hankey’s Xtra-Small series offers a more averagely-large option amongst its big fantasy dildo products. Branded as a way to “ease into your sexcapades,” you might consider the Xtra-Small series if you are new to experimenting with fantasy dildos or are warming up to a larger-sized Mr Hankey fantasy dildo. 

Xtra Small Series

The Xtra-Small dildo series offers you the opportunity to explore your boundaries in the realm of fantasy dildos and find the size that fits just right. You can even try a scaled-down (no pun intended… maybe a little) version of the Seahorse or the Dragon dildo in the extra-small size.

Dildos are available individually or in a pack of 9, containing a variety of sizes and textures. Each dildo in the Xtra-Small series is 6” to 7” long and no more than 6.6” wide.


Sure you’ve tried dragon dildos! Next step – seahorse dildos. A beautiful seafoam green, the Seahorse is tantalizing as it is terrifying (in a GOOD way). At its narrowest point, the Seahorse is already 7” wide, and at its base, it’s almost 12”! 

Mr Hankeys Seahorse

Made entirely of silicon, the Seahorse dildo is notably heavy: it weighs 4.3lbs. If used in solo play, try putting it down and sitting on it. On your back, It can be a struggle to get enough oomph to get this thing in!

Squishiness? Go with 75% soft and you’ve got it—soft enough to fold in half but dense enough to stand firmly upright. If you enjoy the intensity of varying texture, you’ll love its trunk rings and knots. If you like firmness and pressure, this dildo can deliver it—an altogether intense vaginal massage.


Calling all texture lovers! Every single inch of the Dragon dildo offers some variety of texture, whether subtle or intense. Its undersides are covered in thick plates, the sides showcase tendon-like waves, and its head contains deep dips and channels—offering a real reptilian look! This dragon dildo has beautiful and very textured scales. You can choose from four color options for your dildo: natural tan, deep brown, black, and metallic green. 

Mr Hankeys Dragon

Unsurprisingly, the Dragon dildo is not for the faint of heart (nor beginners!). It can take months to successfully insert this toy. This toy might require a long warm up with other big dildos. So if you don’t like warm-ups, you might want to opt for smaller toys like Tantus or Lust Arts products.

BMS Factory Addiction – Ben and Tom Dildo

We won’t review the BMS Factory brand as whole. They make quality dildos worth checking out – but they only make one dragon dildo! Well technically two dragon dildos – but Ben and Tom are the same dildo just in two different colors.

Tom Product Image

Fortunately they pull this dragon dildo off really well and they do it at a tiny fraction of the cost!

This is the cheapest dragon dildo we’ve been able to find at about $25. 

But it’s still loaded with all the classic interesting dragon dildo textures – scales, ridges, nubs, a unique tip! It’s intensely stimulating. Here’s what one customer had to say about Ben and Tom.

Ben and Tom Texture

The one typical dragon dildo feature you won’t find in Ben and Tom is a monstrous size. This dildo is sized like an average penis which is one of the ways they keep cost down. Silicone is expensive so huge dragon dildos cost a lot in materials to make.

Ben and Tom are 5.5 inches of insertable length and 1.75 inches at their widest diameter. It also has balls and a strong suction base.

Addiction Tom and Ben Features

If you’re looking for huge dragon dildos – go Mr. Hankeys. If you’re looking for intensely stimulating textures on a budget – go with the Ben and Tom dragon dildo.

The main downside is there’s no customization. You have the choice between a pink dragon dildo or a black dragon dildo. That’s it. But at $25 there’s not much to lose if you don’t love it.

As far as squishiness – it’s about a 10A firmness which is soft-ish. Here’s how two customers mentioned the softness.

Addiction Firmness comment
Ben and Tom Soft Review

As you can see some people would say it’s a bit soft, while others say it’s a bit firm. So ya, soft-ish. It won’t be as squishy as other dragon dildos that you can customize to a greater softness. But getting a super squishy dragon dildo isn’t that important when the sizes aren’t huge. In fact, in smaller sizes a bit more firmness can help bring out the texture more.

If you’re looking for an inexpensive dragon dildo to dip your toes in forbidden pools – this is the one. Stop reading here. You won’t find a cheaper high quality dragon dildo.

Uberrime – Great Pre-Made Dual-Density Selection

Uberrime’s dildos have gathered an impressive following with many great reviews and a solid 5-stars on Etsy. Customers cite positive experiences with timely shipping and arrival of the product.

Uberrime is a solo-operation featuring Marco Uberrime, the company owner and product manufacturer all in one. Marco is a true craftsman, who enjoys experimenting with sculpting, color, and abstract shapes for his dildos.

Uberrime Sample

All Uberrime’s products consist of Platinum Silicone. People especially love their dual-density dildos! You can get fantasy dildos like tentacles from Uberrime or a Dragon Claw sleeve for your bullet vibe. Or if you like a lot of texture but don’t love the idea of a dragon dildo – even their more penis-shaped dildos come with unique twists on texture – and they’re always beautiful colors! 

Uberrime’s products primarily consist of pre-made dildos, which are only customizable by color. If you want a different density, you’ll have to choose a dildo pre-made in that density. But since all the toys are already made, they get shipped fast! 


  • Personal, handcrafted quality
  • Artistic emphasis, true craftmansship 
  • Timely shipping and arrival of product
  • Gorgeous, hand-poured colors
  • Great dual-density selection
  • You can get dragon dildos or penis-shaped dildos with fantasy textures


  • Limited customizability – majority of toys are premade

Deep Diver Tentacle

This fantasy sex toy is a new and improved version of Whipspider Tentacle, a product produced by a Whipsider Rubberworks—a silicone sex toy company based in Maine that shut down in 2013. Marco read countless reviews of the dildo and made a few subtle improvements to the original. Most notably, it’s smoother with a flared base – so diving in anally is a-okay.  

Deep Diver Tentacle

The Deep Diver Tentacle has beautiful marble swirls of Red/Orange and Electric Violet paired with Aqua Green suckers for unique stimulation. This tentacle dildo is curved just right to hit your G-spot. Plus, this toy glows in the dark! How else are you gonna see down in the deep?

It’s soft to the touch and large-sized – 6.25” length, a girth of 4” at the head and 8.25” at the base. 

Aqua King

The Aqua Kings sings its ode to Aquaman! Drawing inspiration from the Aquaman film posters, Uberrime sculpted this marbled green, gold, glittered, and scaly giant dildo. 

Aqua King

The Aqua King’s glossy appearance and trio of deeply etched ridges, located just below the head, reminds you of dorsal fins—adding to the toy’s ocean-mastery, beastly, big-screen feel. Though this dildo’s size is less-intimidating than Mr Hankey’s products (featuring a 7.5” length and average 1.75” girth), the Aqua King is still best for those experienced with dildos. 

The Aqua King’s large size gives you a nice full sensation. The three soft ridges on the upper side provide target stimulation to the G-spot or P-spot. And the toy’s large size definitely intensifies the orgasm for a lot of people! 

Geeky Sex Toys – Nerdy Fantasy Alternatives That Get Your Density Just Right

Geeky Sex Toys offers seriously nerdy twists on dildos! Specializing exclusively in fantasy dildos, Geeky Sex Toys takes their nerdyness seriously—drawing from a wide range of fantasy-inspiration from dragon dildos to tentacles to mermaids to pokemon to Game of Thrones to D&D.

Geeky Sex Toys Sample

Though the company is based in Australia, Geeky Sex Toys offers a worldwide flat rate shipping rate of only $15. Not only is shipping affordable but customers cite that products arrive safely and timely.

Just like Uberrime, Geeky Sex Toys has a personal, handmade feel. The founders, Emma and Josh, create, design, and make all of their dildos by hand.  Their sex toys are also pre-made – But each toy has its shore hardness listed so you can be sure to get the exact squishiness or firmness you need in a dildo. 

Geeky Sex Toys Spec Shore

Your nerdy fantasy secrets are safe with Geeky Sex Toys; all dildos are shipped in plain, inconspicuous packaging and labeled as containing a “figurine”!


  • Wide variety of fantasy inspired dildos – dragon dildos and much more
  • Personal, handmade feel
  • Discreet packaging keeps your nerdy fantasy secrets safe! 
  • Affordable and timely shipping
  • Each toy has its shore hardness listed


  • Limited customizability on products


Hentai lovers will enjoy this beautiful tentacle dildo! With a tapered tip, rather than a realistic head, this toy can offer some interesting pinpoint stimulation! Suckers alongside small ridges offer a great textured feel. Plus, users love how it looks with its green/blue marble pattern. 

Geeky Sex Toys Tentacle

This Tentacle dildo is specially designed with a curve that’s pleasurable to both the G and P spot. Fittingly, the Tentacle is 100% waterproof and can be paired with a powerful suction cup base. 


Fierce and fiery, the Drodong dragon dildo is perfect for those looking for a Game of Thrones dragon-inspired thrill ride. You can almost sense (and feel) a snarling beast!

Geeky Sex Toys Drodong

With scales, ridges, and protruding veins running along the length of the shaft and an epic base with flames, flares, and spikes, the Drodong dragon dildo is highly detailed and textured. If you’re adventurous and a lover of sensation and the unordinary, you will find the Drodong dildo perfectly thrilling. 

Though abundant with texture that you expect from a dragon dildo, the Drodong has a smooth finish and glossy surface for better comfort. 

When inserted vaginally and thrust gently, the Drodong’s texture applies varied and intense pressures to the clitoris and g-spot. Drodong’s pointy head puts intense pressure on the cervix. If you love firm, deep stimulation this may be a great toy for you! But it can sometimes be too much for people who don’t enjoy cervical stimulation from a dildo.

If you like anal play, the pointy head and tapered tip makes the Drodong dildo easy to insert! 


From tentacles to dragon fantasies… Geeky Sex Toys can also meet your mermaid, magical sea creature fantasies. Featuring a marble aqua color with shimmering gold swirls, the Mermaid is truly majestic. 

Geeky Sex Toys Mermaid

The Mermaid is beautifully designed: it contains subtly raised scales, a widening girth, and curved head. Despite being available in two sizes, the Mermaid is not a small toy. It is designed for users who enjoy larger dildos. 

Another great feature of the Mermaid: it’s designed to accommodate a lock-on-style suction cup base, making it vac-u-lock compatible (the standard attachment for sex machines and many suction cups).

Tantus – Affordable Pre-Made Alternative

Tantus is known for making high quality silicone dildos for over 20 years, ranging from very simple to elegant dual-density dildos. 

Compared to the other brands such as Bad Dragon, Mr Hankey’s, or Geeky Sex Toys, Tantus’ products are pretty tame. You want find a dragon dildo here (at least not yet). Tantus products may be void of suckers or spikes, but their dildos offer high quality and thoughtful elegant design – for the adventurers with more simple tastes. 

Tantus Sampler

Many of their dildos are more penis-shaped, but with subtle variations to give you the texture of fantasy dildos! 

The Cush was the first not-completely-realistic dildo to catch my eye and make me curious about fantasy dildos. It’s subtle, beautiful ridges made me think – huh, I wonder what that’d feel like inside me.

Tantus’ products are ideal for new dildo users—especially beginners in the fantasy dildo realm looking for their first toy. Tantus’ toys are average sized, around 7” in length and 1” in girth. Best of all, they are affordable—much less expensive than the larger, fantasy dildos!


  • Affordable alternative
  • Great dildos for new users
  • Aesthetically simple, yet high quality and well designed 
  • Non-intimidating—average sized dildos!
  • Ideal for targeting the G-spot and P-spot


  • Not as extremely fantasy inspired
  • Lacking customizability in size, color, and texture

Tantus Tsunami

Glossy and colored in either pink or purple, the aesthetics of the Tsunami dildo are sweet… almost innocent. Pairing its aesthetics with exceptional design, the Tsunami toy screams elegance! Its well-placed ridged waves located along the shaft offer perfect stimulation to the G-spot and/or P-spot during thrusting.

Tantus Tsunami 2

And the sensations don’t stop there—the Tsunami comes with a removable bullet vibrator for extra pleasure! 

Average-sized, pretty, and sensational, the Tsunami will please those looking for simple G-spot or P-spot stimulation.

Tantus Cush

Similarly sweet looking, the Cush dildo features graceful curves for G-spot and P-Spot stimulation. It’s simple ridges offer a wonderful massage to the vagina or prostate during thrusting. 

Tantus Cush 02

Again, average size—with a 7” length and 1.75” girth—the Cush dildo is both pleasurable and non-intimidating.  

As a dual density dildo, the Cush contains a soft outer layer framing a firm core. Just a note: some users find the soft outer layer to be thin, making the toy feel firmer than other dual-density toys.

Tantus Curve

For a more bold look, try the Curve! Featuring a stepped design, soft ridges, and very curved shape, this dildo is built to please the G spot or P spot. New users can easily experience pleasure, without having the expertise and experience of using dildos.

Tantus Curve

Though lacking a suction cup, the Curve dildo fits well and comfortably in a harness!

It also comes in the standard density or you can try the super soft version!

Lust Arts – Affordable Customizable Alternatives

A small team dedicated to creating horror, sci-fi and literature themed sex toys, Lust Arts is a company truly focused on art—focusing on detail, craftsmanship, inspiration, and safety of each dildo. Each toy is hand poured, uniquely designed and constructed of high quality body-safe silicone! Personally, I think Lust Arts has some of the most beautiful colors of any dildos. I mean, check out the colors on these unicorn horns.

Lust Arts Unicorn

Lust Arts dildos are not merely fantasy-inspired, but are sculptures of actual characters and stories. Instead of a Mermaid-penis, you’ve got a sculpture of a Mermaid! You can insert the whole character inside of you. A few of Lust Art’s toys include: a Unicorn Horn, a Mermaid dildo, and Dragon dildo (of course), and more. 

Lust Arts Dragon

Where Lust Arts really shines is their extreme level of customization. 

You can choose a pre-made dildo or order a customized dildo with your chosen color, size, and firmness. For dual density toys, you can choose the density of both silicone layers.

Mermaid Checkout Density

You can also choose to combine color palettes and create a marbled look—and even request which color you would like to dominate on certain parts of the toy. Add a suction cup or even a double-sided suction cup. You get it – there’s a lot you can do. You can even have them send you photos for your approval before they ship your dildo.

If you’re not a size queen or king, you can customize everything at an affordable price. The only thing that tips the scales more toward the expensive end – bumping up to larger dildos. 


  • Works of art!
  • Each toy is unique—hand poured and handcrafted
  • Detailed, well-crafted replicas of whole fantasy characters
  • Option to order premade dildos or customized in color, size, or firmness
  • Customize density of each silicone layer
  • Affordable customization for smaller size toys


  • Limited base models
  • More expensive for large sizes


When it comes to fantasy dildos, your dildo of choice is really just that: the dildo of your choosing. But you don’t need to limit yourself to just Bad Dragon dildos.

We love Mr Hankey’s daring sizes, the artistry of Uberrime’s toys, the creative variety of Geeky Sex Toys, the elegant simplicity (and affordability) of Tantus’ toys, and the extreme customization of Lust Arts toys—each company offers a unique and high quality product in the fantasy dildo market!

Dragon dildos? Tentacles? Mermaids? Aqua King? Whatever your fantasy, you can find a dildo to bring your dreams to life. And beyond that—you can customize your fantasy dildo to meet your preferred size, color, texture, and style! 

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